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Interdisciplinary, hybrid, and year-round

Messe Berlin develops XPRO, a new European B2B marketplace for experience technologies, products, and services which fosters networking between agencies, production- and service-companies with international clients and cooperation partners by offering year-long hybrid formats.

Exceptional experiences within culture-, entertainment- and brand-spaces are created on a global scale which intuitively and sustainably connect us with content and products.

Innovative technologies such as virtual and augmented reality applications are used, or multitouch- and app-based navigational systems.

The increased diversity of technological tools and a growing ease of using them will continuously boost the degree of connectivity and immersion over the upcoming years.

Messe Berlin grasped the market dynamic and develops XPRO, a European, hybrid B2B-marketplace which connects agencies, production- and service-companies with international clients. XPRO's focus is based on the requirements and needs of the multiple sub-segments, that have been enquired priorily:

XPRO is an interdisciplinary marketplace and unites the diversity of technologies with their application in the multitude of culture-, entertainment-, and brand-spaces.

XPRO is a hybrid marketplace and collaboratively develops relevant communication formats for both the digital and physical space.

XPRO is a year-round marketplace and communicates the achievements of the XPRO community towards the international market throughout the year.

• A series of events developed together with Retune Festival starts in May;
• A pilot episode of XPRO's new podcasts is being prepared;
• An XPRO marketplace in Berlin is planned for 2023.

Shall you have ideas for common formats, or would like to be kept in the loop of XPRO's upcoming measures, you may leave your contact data below.

You may send us your exceptional experience projects or products that we shall share with our XPRO network. Examples can be found on XPRO's multiple social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram und Facebook.