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XPRO - A new European B2B Marketplace for Experience Technologies, Products and Services.

XPRO connects European agencies, production and service companies, and manufacturers who design and produce immersive experiences and interactive media formats in museums, visitor centers, brand spaces, showrooms, and event venues, as well as in public spaces.

Together with the industries, a European B2B marketplace for experience technologies, products and services is being developed that will facilitate professional exchange within the XPRO community and to promote their networking with potential customers and cooperation partners in order to expand their business internationally.

As XPRO's analog and digital program formats are developed in close exchange with the industries, we are currently identifying agencies, production, and service companies and manufacturers as well as associations and institutions throughout Europe who would like to join us on this exciting journey. In addition, we are also very interested in your latest projects and products.

Just drop us a mail if you want actively participate in the process or sign up for our newsletter if you'd like to be kept in the loop.

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