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XPRO - The new European Marketplace for Experience Technologies, Products and Services.

Six months ago we announced it: The XPRO shall establish itself as the new European BtoB marketplace for experience technologies, products and services.

With a year-round offering for manufacturing and service companies that design immersive experiences in museums, venues and brand spaces. The objective: an exchange within the industry and targeted networking with the corporate, event and agency sector as well as the cultural and creative industries.

The pandemic as a caesura

The challenges of the pandemic within the industry have been very present in recent months and we have seen with regret how an entire event industry has been brought to its knees. Even today - almost a year later and with several vaccines on the horizon - no one can really estimate how long all this will last.

Sorry, we're on mute

This situation is currently so challenging for our industry that we unfortunately have to reduce XPRO activities to a minimum until April 2021. As soon as we can estimate when and how we will continue, we will announce this here. If you want us to keep you informed about developments at XPRO, please sign up here for our newsletter.

Stay healthy & hopeful!

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Your XPRO Team